英語の日記をつければ英会話は上達する!初心者でも読める日記シリーズ。2017 Top Journals

Wednesday, June 28th  “Rain Man”

Today, it was raining a little in the morning.  It was hard to decide if I should ride my bike or not.  Sometimes, when I decide to ride my bike in the rain, it starts raining really hard on my way there.  I think I have bad luck with the weather.  In Japanese, that’s called “Ameotoko”.  I guess you can say, I’m rain man.  

Actually, My flight was canceled 2 times because of bad weather.  Also, when I went to L.A. 2 years ago, I made it rain.  It had not rained hard in L.A. for ten years but when I went, it rained non stop.  I think I helped L.A.’s weather situation.  I should be thanked by the people of L.A. 

水曜日, 628 「雨男」





It was hard to decide if は「何かを選ぶのに悩む」と言いたい時に使う。What節を目的語に持ってくるか、if節を目的語にすることができる。if を用いるときは「~かどうか」と言う意味になる。例えば、It’s hard to decide if I should go or not.  (行くかどうか悩む。)  On my way there はどこかに「向かっている」ことを意味する。文頭、または文末に用いることができる。I should be thanked は「感謝されるべきだ」という意味。



Friday, June 30th  “Raining cats and dogs”

Today, when I woke up it was raining cats and dogs (raining really hard)!!  I realized that I forgot my umbrella and my raincoat at school.  I thought that maybe the rain would stop so I waited and waited.  Nope! it wouldn’t stop!!  Damn it!

 I remembered I had a foldable umbrella somewhere.  I looked for it in my closet.  I finally found it but it was so small I laughed when I found it. It only takes about 10 min to walk to the station but it was raining so hard that I knew I would get wet.  I decided to take a taxi.  It couldn’t be helped.  I walked 2 min to the big street with my little umbrella and luckily I caught a taxi right away.  It took me only 10 min to get to school but when I got out of the taxi it was almost about to stop raining.  Whaaaat!!!  I couldn’t believe it.  Also, I realized now that I’m wearing different colored socks on my left foot and right foot.  One is dark blue and the other is light blue.  It’s going to be a long day.   🙁

金曜日 630   「土砂降り」


どこかに折りたたみ傘があったことを思い出した。クローゼットの中を探した。ついに見つけたけど、それはあまりに小さくて笑ってしまった。僕はまだびしょぬれだ。駅まで歩いて約10分しかかからないけど濡れることが確実だというくらい降っていた。タクシーに乗ることにした。しょうがなかった。小さな小さな傘で大きな通りまで2分歩いて、ラッキーなことにすぐタクシーがつかまった。学校までたったの10分だけど、タクシーを降りた時、ほとんど雨は止みそうだった。何ぃぃぃ!!! 信じられなかった。そして、今、左足と右足に違う靴下をはいていることに気付いた。ひとつはダークブルーでもうひとつはライトブルー。長い一日になりそうだ。


raining cats and dogs は有名なイディオムで、「土砂降り」という意味。realized は「気づく」。 notice という言葉に似ているが、realized は心や頭で気づくことで notice は目で気づくこと。It can’t be helped.「しょうがない」という意味。get in / get out

車に乗る降りるをget in / get out で表現。 電車、バス、飛行機はget on / get off 。about toは「~になる寸前」「今にも~なりそう」という意味。例えば、The button of my shirt was about to come off.  「シャツのボタンが今にも取れそう。」



Wednesday, June 5th   “My Donald”

Last year, I bought a new bike in November.  I remember it was on the day of the election and Trump was elected to become the president.  Although I don’t like Trump, I named my bike Donald.  

So far I have ridden 1183 kilometers.  That’s over 100 kilometers a month.  Since I ride a lot, the breaks are already worn out.  I have to squeeze the breaks really hard to stop. I’d better take it to a bicycle shop or I might hit somebody or something.  Hitting something is better than someone.  I don’t want to hurt anyone.   

I’ve been busy these days so it’s hard to find the time.  I’ll try to take it to the bicycle shop for repair this Sunday, hopefully.  

水曜日 65日 「私のドナルド」




election は「選挙」例えば、There was an election last November. (去年の十一月に選挙があった。) so farは「今のところ」so far so good とよく言う。意味は「今のところ順調」。Since は because と同じ意味「~なので」。話し相手がこれから伝える内容を既に把握している場合、Sinceを使う。worn out は「すり減っている」靴、タイヤ、がすり減っていると用いるが、疲れを表す場合にも用いることが可能。Squeeze「強く握る」「しぼる」という意味。I’d better….何か警告する時に [had better + 動詞] という表現を使って「~したほうが身のためだ」と言うことがでる。hadを省略して I’d better という形で使われることもある。この表現は should よりも強く「~しなければ困ったことになる」という強い勧告を表すので、“You’d better…” と相手に言う場合には注意。hopefully は「願わくは」という意味。文頭、または文末の置くことができる。



Monday, July 10th   “Hijiki head”

I got a haircut on Sunday.  I go to a hair salon in Tokyu Hands.  I get a haircut from a guy named Hiroaki Sakakibara.  He’s great.  I like the way he cuts my hair.  I’ve been going there for almost 3 years now.  Last year I was told to get a perm.  He said that it would look good on me.  I was not sure though.  I thought my hair would look like Yakisoba.  I’ve seen guys with a really strong perm and it looks like Hijiki is on their head.  I didn’t want to be Yakisoba head or Hijiki head.  He kept saying I didn’t have to worry and it would look good on me so I finally said “ok”.  My first experience was good.  I actually liked it a lot so I kept getting a perm every 2 months.  I just got it on Sunday but this time the perm was stronger than before.  When I came out of the shower with my hair all wet, it looked like I have Hijiki on my head!  That’s just fantastic. (sarcasm) 🙁

月曜日 710 「ヒジキ頭」




the way を目的語で用いる場合は howでも同じ意味。I like how he cuts my hair.  Almost は「もう少しで」という意味。よく almost が「ほとんど」だと誤解されて覚えられているので要注意。It looks good on you は「~があなたにお似合い」と表現したい場合よく用いる。It suits you と言ってもいい。何かに見た目が似ていると表現したい場合、[look like + 名詞]を用いる。kept は 「続けて」という意味で、後には動名詞を置く。



Thursday, July 20th   “Fasting”

It’s hard to keep your weight.  I lost nearly 3~4kg when I fasted last September.  Since then, I have been able to keep my weight about the same.  My student recommended me to fast and he helped me do it last September.  I did it for 3 days.  The process was tough but I feel it was definitely worth it.  I made a promise to myself to do it every September. September is now less than 2 months away and I’m thinking about doing it again. 

木曜日 720日 「ファスティング」



fast は断食という意味で動詞として用いる。fasting にすると動名詞になる。ちなみに、Breakfastの語源はfast (断食)を break(破る)という意味からBreakfastという言葉が来ている。



Monday, July 24th   “Bad food”

Today, I had an interesting conversation about nutrition with a student.  We both agreed that a lot of food that’s sold in the city is not good for you.  We talked about convenience store food, McDonald food, and others.  They have a lot of chemicals that are bad for your body. However, I have no choice to eat at those places because I only have little time for lunch.  My choices are limited.  That’s why, for dinner, I try to eat something healthy.  I buy vegetable at a grocery store called Kitsch et Bio.  I put the vegetable in a silicon steamer and microwave it for about 5 minutes.  I put on some flax seed oil and Ponzu for flavor.  Basically, that’s all I have for dinner.  One bad thing is you get sick of it because you are eating the same things every day.  I wish somebody would open a nice healthy Deli somewhere near my school.  

月曜日 724  「悪い食べ物」




添加物や農薬を使った食べ物をchemical food (化学食品)と言う。栄養をnutritionと言い、栄養価が高いと言いたい場合はnutriousという形容詞を用いる。get sick of ~ はうんざりすることを表現する。同じ意味でget tired of ~ もよく使う。



Saturday, August 19  “Frozen shoulder”

In the morning, my sister called me and we talked for an hour.  I told her my shoulder has been hurting and I might have a frozen shoulder.  She is an acupuncturist and she told me I should get an acupuncture.  After I hung up, I googled an acupuncturist in Sakae.  I found one that’s open until 10 pm so I made a reservation.  I’ve had an acupuncture before so I knew that it wouldn’t hurt.  However, this time some areas hurt pretty badly.  The therapist did it for about 40 minutes and he told me to sit at the edge of the bed.  He told me he would put the last needle close to my neck.  He did it and when he took out the needle, I started feeling dizzy and suddenly I fainted!!  I kind of remember my body was shaking uncontrollably.  When I woke up, the therapist was holding me so I would not fall off the bed.  He said, 「びっくりした!!」.  I thought I should be the one to say that!!  I’m not sure why I fainted but I felt really weak after the therapy.  Hmmm … I wonder if acupuncture is not good for me.  

土曜日 819  「四十肩」




acupuncture は鍼治療のことを意味する。acupuncturist は鍼師になる。frozen shoulder が四十肩、五十肩を意味する。電話を切ることをhang up と言い、電話に出ることを pick up と言う。dizzyは目眩という意味。英語で「気絶をする」は fainted, blacked out, fell unconscious と言い方が何通りかあるが、一番よく使うのが fainted.



Wednesday, September 13   “Fasting is good for me”

From next Monday ~ Wednesday, I’ll be fasting for my health.  Actually, I also did it last year around the same time.  At that time, I was feeling tired and my former student recommended I try fasting.  Fortunately, he just got his license as a fasting instructor.  I decided to try it.  The result was amazing!  I lost 5 kg and I felt great!  I really detoxed.  Since then, I was able to keep my weight for a year.  I’m also proud of that. It’s been a year so I think it’ll be good that I try it again.  I will be drinking an enzyme drink.  Other than me, there are 5 people that will do it together.  We added each other on Line and we will text each other our progress.  It’s nice to have support from people.  I’ll let you know my progress on this Blog.  

水曜日 913   「ファスティングは僕にあっている」




Result は結果という意味。テストの結果、健康診断の結果、ダイエットの結果と様々なシーンで結果という言葉を用いる。since then はそれ以来という意味。since that time と表現してもいい。最近、LINEやFacebookで繋がることが多い。ソーシャルメディアで繋がることをaddという言葉で表現する。



Monday, September 25th   “What I was looking for”

A friend of mine recommends me a great Bento delivery service called Anshin Bento.  It is what I was always looking for!  I have always worried about what I ate for lunch.  I only have 50 minutes so I can only go to places that I can walk in 5 minutes.  Therefore, I’m limited in my choices.  The food that I eat is usually unhealthy.  It’s greasy and it probably has a lot of food chemicals.  I always wished a healthy restaurant would open near my school.  

Now, I don’t have to worry because a friend recommended me a delivery Bento service.  The Bento is all chemical free.  This company promises not to use any chemicals in their food so it’s really healthy.  Also, it tastes light, not heavy.  I already ordered 15 bentos.  This will last me 3 weeks!  What’s also great is it will be cheaper than eating out.  One dish is about ¥600 yen!  I can’t wait to get it!!

月曜日 925日 「ずっと探していたもの」





What I was always looking for ~ は「ずっと探していた物」という意味。Wh節で目的語として用いる。限定品と説明したい場合、 You can only buy it (here, in winter, now) と表現すればいい。Food chemical は添加物、農薬を意味する。それらが入っていない食べ物をchemical free food という。What’s also great is…. は「他に何が素晴らしいかというと、、」という意味。Wh節で主語として用いる。つまり、Wh 節は名詞なので、主語と目的語として使う。



Monday, November 20th   “Kyoto, what a great place!!”

Last Saturday, after I finished my class, I got on the Shinkansen and headed to Kyoto.  I got there in no time.   After I got off the Shinkansen, I looked for the rental bike show where I reserved a bicycle for 2 days.  The bike was red and it was smaller than I thought.  It was almost like a kid’s bicycle.  I thought it kind of looked stupid but oh well.  There was nothing I can do.  It was only 1000 yen per day.  

I got on the bicycle and headed to Kamogawa.  I found it easily and started riding on a path along the river.   This path was amazing!!!  First, the path was not twisting and turning.  It was straight.  I think if it was twisting and turning, most people would not walk on it because it would take time to get to their destination.   The second good thing was the path was pretty big and some parts had small fields where school team was practicing sports.  The third great thing was there were many nice restaurants and cafes along the river.   You can spend a whole day just going sightseeing on this river.  

I slowly went up the river, taking my time and enjoying every minute of it.  My sister met me half-way and we rode up the river together.  She told me how nice this river is and she will start jogging soon along the river.  I thought it was the best place to go jogging in the morning.  Next time I’ll bring my running shoes so I can go jogging as well. 

My sister told me there was one bad thing about the river.  That is there are a lot of bugs!!  In summer, there are mosquitos, spiders, and bugs you’ve never seen!  Her neighbors told her that sometimes you’ll see a spider as big as your hands!!!  If you hate bugs, you might not like living near Kamogawa river.  However, I think it’s worthing living close to it even if there are bugs.  

月曜日 1120日 「京都、なんて素敵な場所なんだ!」






In no time は「あっという間に」という意味で、文頭、または文末にも使う。

「何かに沿って」を along と言い、前置詞で表現する、along the river, along the road。 

「くねくねしている」ことをtwist and turnと表現する。half-way は「途中まで」という意味、all the way は「最後まで」という意味。

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